Main Library Number 203-285-2057
Ask a question by email:

Martha Lipowski, Interim Director 203-285-2053
Mike Cifferelli, Librarian 203-285-2052
Miguel Garcia III, Library Associate 203-285-2059
Tood Hampton, Librarian 203-285-2615
Lillian Maisfehlt, Librarian 203-285-2054
Conor Perreault, Systems Librarian 203-285-2089
Jian Yang, Librarian 203-285-2158
Jennifer Brown, Library Assistant 203-285-2057
John McCann, Librarian (PT) 203-285-2057
Beth Rogers-Ho, Librarian (PT) 203-285-2057
Santina Scalia, Librarian (PT) 203-285-2057
Beth Paris, Librarian (PT) 203-285-2057
Tacy Woods, Librarian (PT) 203-285-2057



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